Trish brings over 35 years’ experience in intuitive tarot card reading. A lifelong career in the arts has given her a skill in seeing things with a different perspective. She is able to sense a person’s energy field in order to give them insights, understanding, and clarity of purpose.

When working with you, Trish will look into your energy field in order to receive messages from your spirit guides and spirit family. She can see images that tell her what energies are at play in your life. Often, she will pick up past life information and can help you discover its impact on your current incarnation. Tarot cards allow her to receive insights regarding your specific questions and your overall life path. The ability to sense and “see the unseen” allows her to glimpse your soul’s story.

Trish has spent her life exploring and opening up to the “more of what we are” through study of Reiki, Bio Energy Healing, Remote Viewing, Shin Shin Toitsu Do Ki development, Aikido, Muscle Testing, Touch for Health, Channeling and of course, the Tarot.

Trish believes that how we use our energy and gifts reflects out to others, the world and back to ourselves. She is very grateful for the opportunity to help people gain insights into their lives.

Before you get a reading, please center, ground, and relax. Have an open mind. Create an intention to gain insights from your reading. Leave expectations and preconceptions behind. Have a few questions ready. Allow the reading to flow and let Spirit take over...

Cost and Availability


Alternating Saturdays: 2:00pm to 8:00pm

Alternating Sundays: 12:30pm to 5:00m

Call (732) 842-3855 to schedule an appointment.


$60 for a 30 minute session. Cash payment only.

$20 for a 10 minute session. Cash payment only.

*All readings for entertainment purposes only