A Store full of Spirit

Our inventory includes an incredible assortment of new and classic new age gifts, collectables, and devotional items. From gemstones and jewelry to candles and incense to books and oracle systems, Earth Spirit is overflowing with unique treasures and everyday fundamentals. The following is just a sample of our current stock that includes:

Tarot and oracle cards; Boxes and bags, Statues and devotional items from various world religions including Buddhism, Christianity, and Wicca; Books, books and more books; Incense sticks,  cones and resins; Aromatherapy oils and sprays; Reiki-charged candles; Sage and sage burning accessories; New age toys and novelties; Salt lamps; Tapestries and banners; Gemstone jewelry;  Clothing; Greeting cards; Music; and a never-ending supply of loose and showpiece gems and crystals!  


Gemstones and Crystals

Earth Spirit is probably best known for the dizzying array of loose and tumbled stones that we offer. From Angelite to Zoisite, we have over 150 different stones of all shapes and sizes. And don't worry about remembering what you bought when you get home. We will label each stone individually with its name and a description of its metaphysical properties. 



What's better than carrying a crystal in your pocket? Wearing it around your neck or on your wrist! Our cases are brimming with all kinds of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. 





Candles and Incense 

Our reiki-charged and aromatherapy candles do more than set a mood. Burn them to help manifest positivity, love, protection, and everything in between. But before you do that, don't forget to break out the sage!


Tarot and Oracle Cards

We are very proud of our selection of tarot and oracle decks. From Rider-Waite to Doreen Virtue we have something for everyone.