Eliminating negative psychic residue from ourselves and our environment Presented by Cheryl Glover


Learn to defend against psychic attack...

and to defend yourself against unwanted energy. In this workshop, Cheryl will teach you techniques to develop your energy blocking abilities, and bring yourself into a more purified state of consciousness. If you are a healer or just sensitive, this workshop will help you control your psychic abilities in order to control how you "pick up" other peoples negative moods and emotions like anger or sadness. 

In this workshop you will experience:

  • How not to be influenced by the emotional state of others
  • How to keep others from reading your thoughts and emotions
  • How to protect yourself from a psychic attack and the negative thoughts and intentions of others

Cheryl Glover is a channel, psychic, reiki master and teacher. She is author of "Creating from the Soul." She has been facilitating classes for over 20 years.

Date: Friday, August 17th

Time: 7:00pm

Cost: $25