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Are you new to divination?

Are you an old hand at tarot or cartomancy, and in search of a new divination tool to add to your repertoire? Perhaps you are someone who is more oriented to words than to images. If any of these describe you, then learning Lenormand may be “in the cards”’ for you!    

A method devised in 19th century Europe, Lenormand is well known throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, and South America. Now it is taking the US by storm. An elegant, streamlined system, Lenormand is an ideal oracle to consult on matters both weighty and mundane, because of its precision and clarity.   

In this 4 week beginner’s course, you will: 

  1. Learn the core meanings of the 36 Lenormand cards

  2. Practice 2 card combinations

  3. Create sentences of 3-5 cards

  4. Discover how the use of “Houses” can deepen and enhance your readings

By the end of Week 4, you will be anxious to try your new reading skills out on friends and family! 

This course will be taught by Earth Spirit’s own Erika Robinson. You can learn more about Erika and her experience with Lenormand by clicking here! 

DATES: Starting Thursday, May 9th and continuing for 4 consecutive Thursdays.  

TIME: 7:00pm each night

COST: $15 per session

Please register by calling 732-842-3855.