The term Kundalini is used to refer to the vital force or energy that we all hold within us.  Often referred to as the "sleeping goddess" or "serpent power," it is represented  as a serpent coiled around the Root Chakra at the base of the spine. As Kundalini energy rises and travels up the spinal column, it passes through each of the chakras on its way, giving each a boost and making it light up.  Awakening the Kundalini energy, can thrust you into a whirlwind of attempting to make sense of what you are experiencing.  It can lead to the union of personal consciousness, as well as cosmic & divine consciousness.  In this workshop, learn about the Kundalini energy and how it can transform you & your spirituality.


DATE: Thursday, January 24th

TIME: 7:00pm

COST: $25

please call 732-842-3855 to register!